November 21, 2012

Uniqso Lenses - Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Blue

Today, I got something completely different for you! Big eye circle lenses from UNIQSO!

UNIQSO is a Malaysian based brand. They carry a great selection of lenses, but they also sell earrings, make-up and nailpolish. Plus, they ship worldwide!
I decided to pick the Barbie - Puffy 3 Tones in blue. The lenses come in a cute box and with a free lens case. 

Here are some pictures with and without the lenses.

 Original eye color!

And here's a picture with the lenses. Here you can clearly see that the lenses are bigger than my irises.

The lenses have a diameter of 16,5 mm and they come in prescriptions of 0.0 to -8.0. They are available in blue, green, brown, violet and grey.

I never wore circle lenses before and I found it really difficult to put them in my eyes. And probably, because I'm not used to wearing them, they felt rather uncomfortable. Though, my right eye was more comfortable than my left. But overall, I like them! They add something special to your look, which is great for a party!

As I said, UNIQSO ships worldwide! And their shipping rate is $5 and an additional $2 for every extra pair you order.

If you're planning on getting yourself a pair of nice lenses, don't forget to use this coupon code: LoveLifeLacquer and get 10% off!

Do you wear circle lenses? 

Products in this post were sent to me for my honest review.

1 comment:

  1. Wow these are stunning! I think the green ones would look beautiful on you as well. I'm trying to pick my next lens purchase at the moment but it's so hard!! :P
    Your blog is lovely by the way. ^_^
    ♥ Bec


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