January 23, 2013

Something special... 1-year Blogiversary!

Hi guys! Today is my 1-year Blogiversary! Yay! Woohoo! Fireworks! Party! I wanted to do something special, but I wasn't quite sure what, so I asked Stephanie from WingDustCollections for some ideas. She told me I could ask a guest blogger. AWE-SOME idea! And I knew the perfect man (woman actually) for the job: Alexis from XOXO Alexis Leigh! Yay! Woohoo! Fireworks! Party! ENOUGH! Without further ado, here is her guest post:

Hi everyone, my name is Alexis! I'm so excited to be doing a guest post for Natasja's blogiversary! I love her blog (she's actually my Blogger of the Month this month!) so I was super excited to prepare something for all of you and her in honor of this special blogging milestone! So thank you guys for having me and thank you Nastaja for inviting me to guest post for you, I hope you all like the nail art I did :)

So before I show you guys the nail art I did, there's a little bit of a story behind it. I first met Natasja a few weeks ago on twitter then through my BotM submission form when she submitted her blog. I ended up choosing her blog for my Blogger of the Month and we began talking. She told me about this funny meme called cup of care.

I thought it was hilarious and obviously it stuck in my brain because when I was brainstorming nail art ideas I couldn't get the cup of care image out of my head! I told Nastaja I had an idea that would be really funny if it worked out correctly and I'm so happy it did because I kind of love it :)

I had to mix a few different colors with white because surprisingly I don't have many pastels! I used Floss Gloss - Glowstar as a base on my index finger and Essie - To Buy or Not to Buy as a base on my thumb. The other base colors were mixed with white to get pastel shades. I used a plain black creme for the outlines and white acrylic paint to fill it in. 

My thumb is definitely my favorite of the designs... the cup looks so tiny and cute! haha! Even though this design is really simple it took forever to create those thin lines and unfortunately my camera picked up all the mistakes! Ah well, I promise it looked better in person and from a little farther away :P

Thank you guys again SO much for having me and thank you Natasja for asking me to guest post, it was an honor!!!!! <3 :D


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I love that empty cup of care! Thank you so much for guest posting, Alexis! 
Make sure to check out her blog, she is absolutely awesome and super talented! 


  1. Oh my gosh, this is hilarious!!! I love it, and I love the pastel colors! Congrats on one year of blogging!

    1. She did such a great job, and I looove pastels! And thank you so much, this year went by so fast! :)

  2. Love this! My cup of care is full for this mani! And those lines always look better IRL than they do on that damn macro setting!


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