January 27, 2013

WingDustCollections: Neon Black & Total Pink Bomb

Hi! Today I have two more WingDustCollections polishes to show you: Neon Black and Total Pink Bomb. I already kind of introduced Stephanie in one my previous post about WingDustCollections, which you can find here. Let's start off with Total Pink Bomb.

Total Pink Bomb definitely lives up to its name! There is no better description than Total Pink Bomb for this one! It is a pink jelly base with holo dust, hot pink glitter and holographic hexes. I used 3 coats and a topcoat.

The coats are just three thin to normal layers. The polish has the right consisteny and it really applied like a dream.

The picture below captures the different glitters pretty well. You can clearly see the tiny holo particles! I normally don't wear a lot of hot pinks, but I looove this one. It's a holo-thing, I guess haha!

Next up is Neon Black

Neon Black is a gunmetal base with flashes of lavender and blue shimmer. It is one of those polishes where at first you're like 'OK, seems like a simple grey polish to me', but when you are actually applying it you're like 'What is that? Is that purple? And blue? What? Oh my god!'

Again, I used 3 coats of Neon Black to get full opacity and it applied very smoothly. I almost forgot to mention that it has a semi-matte finish, but I used a top coat, so you can't see it. This polish was so hard to capture! I really couln't do it justice, it is so much more intriguing in real life.

In de close-up below you can see the blue particles and with a lot of willpower and a bit of imagination you can also see a lavender shimmer. Thank god!

You can buy WingDustCollections polishes on Etsy. Don't forget to check out their Facebookpage too!

Products were sent to me for my honest review.

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