April 6, 2013

Cadillacquer 'Such is Life'-collection

Cadillacquer is fairly new to the indie polish world, but oh boy, I fell in love the moment I saw some of Madeleine's creations. She creates soft, feminine shades packed with awesome glitter combinations. Oh btw, this handmade polish is made in Switzerland!
So do you like pastels? Soft shades? Super awesome glitter combo's? Yes, yes and yes? Then you will absolutely love her new collection: 'Such is Life'!

First row from left to right: Live Free, Tell It To The Frogs, Bring On The Night, Say The Word 
Middle: Where The Wild Things Are
Second row from left to right: Once More, No Place Like Home, Life's Too Short,  Restless

Pastels: check. Soft shades: check. Super awesome glitter combo's: double check!! The lacquers are all very wearable for any occasion. Madeleine was so kind to send me four of her new polishes. Today you will get a preview of each one, and four Sundays in a row (starting tomorrow) I will be posting pictures and swatches of each polish. Enough of that, let's move on to some bottle shots!

Can I just say that I loooove this kind of bottles?

Here we have No Place Like Home. It's a soft grey-ish, lilac-ish pastel polish infused with gorgeous silver and pink flecks. I also had pastel coloured hex glitters, which makes it all tie together.

Next up is Restless. Some of you might know that I love me some minty polishes! There is a lot going on in this polish, but I'll try my best to describe it. It is a mint base with big turquoise hexes, normal-sized turquoise and burgundy hexes and very small fuchsia, turquoise, burgundy and silver holographic glitter. PHEW.

Let's move on to Where The Wild Things Are. This is a blue-ish grey base with a golden shimmer in it. It has various sizes of grey, white and iridescent glitters and some iridescent shreds.

The last one: Bring On The Night is a dark jelly base with a burgundy-ish shimmer in it. It has big and small turquoise square glitter. All I can say is that it is glittery, very glittery.

So these are the polishes you will see the next four weeks. I hope you like them, I surely do!

Cadillacquer nail polishes can be bought on Etsy. They are 15 ml and $12 each. Also, make sure to visit and like their Facebookpage!

Which one would you like to see first? Let me know in the comments!

Products were sent to me for my honest review.


  1. Hi Natasja :D
    Well I will love your swatches of these beautiful polishes.
    And I think I want to see the swatches in this order: No place like home, Restless, Where the wild things are and Bring on the night. :)

    Bye, Alice.

    1. Hi Alice! I'll probably post Restless first, because I just finished my post haha :D I was actually planning on posting them in that order, but I switched Restless and No Place Like Home.
      I'll be posting the swatches tonight, so stay tuned! XO

    2. Ahahah no problem :)
      Anyway, seeing that all these polishes are so beautiful, I ended up to ask you the random order of your photos. It will be good in any case at this point ^^

  2. Where The Wild Things Are looks SO awesome

    1. It looks even better in person!! I'll post that one within two weeks or so, so keep your eyes open!


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