May 26, 2013

Max Factor Fantasy Fire

A while (MONTHS) ago Kruidvat started selling the Max Factor polishes again and they had (and still have) Fantasy Fire. I was like 'yay yay yay yay yay' and went to the store as fast as I could and picked up a bottle. Yep, just one bottle. So let's move on and let the pictures to the talking.

Shown above is 2 coats of Fantasy fire over Essence Passion for Fashion.

Fantasy Fire is definitely one of those polishes you have to own. It is a dupe for Clarins 230, but you'll only pay a fraction of the cost.

Fantasy Fire is available in Kruidvat in Belgium and in The Netherlands and sells for €4,99 (not sure, woops!).

What do you think is the best base colour for Fantasy Fire?


  1. What strange (in a positive way) :D
    Just one month ago, when I bought the famous top coat from Essence, I was looking the stand of Max Factor and *puff* I saw this purple color. I picked it up for reading the name (and my head "c'mon, it must be 'fantasy fire') and yeah!!! It wasssss!!! How lucky we are *__________*

    Kiss, Alice.

    1. Yaaay!!! It's beautiful, right? I was pretty excited when I got my hands on it! :-D


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