September 8, 2013

Forever Polished - Blood Moon

HI! I am -finally- back with a Forever Polished swatch. Forever Polished is an awesome indie polish brand ran by the lovely Ashley. I still have one Forever Polished lacquer laying around and I'll be showing you that one verrrrry soon. OK, onto some macros and pictures!

As you can see, Blood Moon has various sizes of square red glitter and burgundy hexes It also has red hearts and silver holo moons! This mix sits in a clear base, so it makes a great topper.

I layered Blood Moon over White French by Only You. I really don't know how many coats this exactly is, since I dabbed it on my nail. That is the only issue with this polish, it needs a lot of dabbing and fishing, especially for the bigger glitter like the hearts and moons.

Besides the dabbing and fishing, it is a beautiful polish. I'm a big fan of Forever Polished because the lacquers are always chock-full with glitter and practically glide on the nail. That is why I probably had some high expectations for this one! But, like I said, it is a beautiful polish and it adds something special to your manicure.

You can buy Forever Polished here. Keep up with them on Facebook!

Forever Polished lacquer was sent to me for my honest review.

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