January 26, 2014

WHOOPS I'm back! + something pretty exciting..

Hi guys! 

First of all: yes I'm still alive! It is not that I wanted to take a break form blogging, but I had to. I was more or less forced to shut down my computer, including the internet and all blogging-like things. So, why was that? I had to study for my exams. Simple as that. I have been studying non-stop for the past two months or so and FINALLY the end is near! Next Saturday is my last exam, so I'll be busy studying for the following few days and then I can go back to blogging on a regular basis. Until May. Because then it is booktime al over again, joy oh joy.

So, what have you guys been up to? I have seen some sharethelove's in my news feed (Well, actually I have seen a LOT). Is there something else I missed? I feel like I have been away for years! And my nail art got a bit rusty too :(, so I figured I really need to get back to blogging as soon as possible. I am truly sorry I let you all in the dark and I promise it won't happen again. Pinky promise!

So far my apology and explanation for my absence, now let's move on to something exciiiiiiiting! Love Life Lacquer turned 2 last week! I have been blogging for two years now who! And I hit 1000 followers on Facebook! Two big milestones which I want to celebrate with you! 
I wont go into details just yet, but I can already tell you that Suzanne from the Dutch indie polish brand Let it Glitter! (www.letitglitter.com) will be cooperating. 

Keep your eyes peeled the next few days for more information about our sneaky plan!

(It might involves indie polishes)

Byeeeee guys!

I wrote this on my iPad, and blogger didn't let me put links behind the words soooooo, yeah.

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