April 29, 2014

Let it Glitter! Garden of Eden swatches

HAIIIIIII! A couple of weeks ago, Let it Glitter! released a new collection: The Garden of Eden Collection. Wowza. Totally me, like totally. Suzanne was so superduper sweet to send me two of her gorgeous polishes: Paradise and Temptation. Without further ado, let's check out some swatchesss.

First up is Paradise. And oh boy, a paradise it is. This is Suzanne's first jelly polish and it is a complete hit, in my opinion. Paradise is a teal jelly filled with big holographic turquoise and purple hexes, smaller holographic turquoise and lilac hexes and a pretty shimmer.

I applied 3 coats of Paradise and it was okay. Layer 3 was a bit on the gloopy side and it isn't compleeeetely opaque. But it looks amazing and, honestly, that's everything that counts, really.

Now, Paradise MATTIFIED. Woop woop!

And of course, a close-up!

Now onto Temptation. Suzanne is just THE best at making glitter toppers. And the best at picking out polishes for review, since I luv turquoise and purple combined in a gorgeous polish. ;-) It's like  Paradise, but without the jelly and more lilac glitter!

I layered 2 coats of Temptation over Essie Lilacism (I think). Application-wise it's the same as other glitter toppers, so a bit of dabbing is required. But just look at it, it is so pretty and spring-y and summer-y and ah lovelovelove.

Yet again, MATTIFIED!

And a macro to end with!

Let it Glitter! is available through Etsy, polishes retail for €8. You can also keep up with Suzanne on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


*PR sample*

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