July 21, 2014

Lakstore update #2

 Hey guys! I am back with a new Lakstore update. I planned to post this blog yesterday, but I went to the movies with my boyfriend and some friends. We saw Transformers: Age of Extinction! And we got home pretty late and I was waaaay too tired to put it online, sorry guys. But here it is!

This work week at Lakstore went by so fast! On Thursday I used Gelcolor for the very first time. Before Thursday I've never ever practiced with GelColor or another semi permanent nail polish, so I was pretty excited to give it a go. I swatched the Neons collection by OPI on a palette. We use these palettes so clients can 'try on' the colour before deciding which one they really want to go for. I also swatched all of our Faby gels on a palette and tried out our new Faby led lamp.
When that was done, I needed to work on the OPI nail polish palettes which will be at the nail polish counters at Planet Parfum. So far I have done 8 of each of the four different palettes, which means I have finished 10% haha. Yup, 32 down, only 288 to go! But I enjoy doing it. That way I can practice my painting and I can get to know the different nail polishes and their opacity, texture and application. Win-win it is!

Nice view huh!
On Friday, I started with some general stuff that had to be done: folding the towels, doing the dishes, stocking the shop... Buuuut, *drumroll* I did my very first Gelcolor manicure! I practiced on Sara, the owner of Lakstore. Sara explained every little thing I needed to do and know and made sure all was well understood and she gave me a lot of tips which is well appreciated!! :-). First I needed to prepare the nails. This means filing the nails, pushing back the cuticles and making sure the nail is desinfected and neutralized. After that I applied a base coat, let it cure, then three coats (it was more of a jelly-like formula) of the colour, Faby - Passport to my heart, and let it cure after each layer. After that, I sealed it all in with a nice layer of the Faby top coat. We weren't sure if nail art would work with Gelcolor, but we decided to give it a go and this abstract, tiedye worked like a charm. I think this manicure is ok for a first time Gelcolor experience, haha. What do you think?
Besides this, I also prepared a client's nails who wanted a Gelcolor manicure, removed some polish on toe nails, helped people in the shop with their purchase and served drinks. And I also did some swatching on the palettes, of course, haha! But I don't mind ;-). And before I went to work, I also did one of my mom's friends her nails for her birthday.

GelColor + Faby

Saturday went by so quickly! I did a ton of different things. Again some general stuff like advising clients, helping them to pick a colour, serving drinks, cleaning up... But I also did some nail art! On clients! As my manicures aren't up to par just yet, Sara painted the client's nails and when she was done, I had to do the nail art. I explained which colour combinations would look nice, and which colours we had to avoid. My first clients were two girls and they picked our nail art of the month: the tiedye. The other client wanted a simple, clean, not too in-you-face leopard print. I felt so comfortable doing nail art on 'strangers', even though I mostly do my own nails. They were all so happy and pleased with the result and so was I! I couldn't resist snapping some photos.

After that I removed a client's nail polish on her toes and applied a new colour. This was my first time painting a client's toe nails, whoooo progress! Haha. But I really enjoy doing it, like for real, this is the best job I have ever had in my whole life. Seriously.

So that was it for my update of this week. Next week, I will try to get my update posted on Sunday, but it could be having a small delay as I am leaving for a well-deserved vacation Saturday night! Woop woop! But I have some posts scheduled, so I won't leave you hanging, haha. ;-)
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  1. Sounds amazing Natas! Good to hear you like it so much! :D

    1. It is amazing Suzanne!! I feel so luckyyyyyyy, hihi :D


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