April 10, 2015

Pink Gellac Remover Wraps | Review

Hey guys. Today I will be reviewing the Pink Gellac Remover Wraps. No more messing around with foil and cotton balls, nope. These remover wraps are all in one, well except for the remover. :-D If you want to find out how well these work, then please keep reading! <3

Shown above is 2 coats of Nude Beige. Before I wrapped my nails with the foils, I slightly filed off the shine/top coat, that way the remover can properly soak the colour off of your nails. I then took a wrap, saturated it with nail polish remover, placed it on my nail and wrapped it firmly.

All wrapped up! I let them soak for about 10 minutes. After that, I removed them while twisting and pressing the cotton pad on the nail. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture after I removed the wraps. I thought about it just now when writing this post.

Part of the gel polish came off when twisting the wrap, I gently removed the remaining Gellac using an orange woodstick. Be careful not to point the orange woodstick into you nailplate as it will scratch and damage it!

Ta-da, like it never happened! Easy as pie really. I applied some cuticle oil to hydrate my nails and make them shiny and healthy. You could immediately prep the nail and apply new gel polish if you like, no problem! ;-)

I really liked using these Remover Wraps to remove my gel polish, it speeds up the process a bit and I could wrap my nails more firmly.

Pink Gellac Remover Wraps are available through the Pink Gellac website and sell for €4,95 for 20 wraps.

Pink Gellac: Website | Facebook | Instragram


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