March 3, 2016

Pink Gellac VIP Collection: Mini Hearts | How-To

Pink Gellac Hearts nail art

Hi guys! Today I will be showing you the fourth how-to using the new Pink Gellac VIP Collection. It is a more intermediate nail art, but I am sure all of you can easily recreate it. Easy peasy! You only need a dotting tool or a toothpick. This one and tomorrow's nail art are my favourites. It is cute, perfect for Spring, bright. YAS. I love it! And I would be so happy if someone recreated it *winkwink*. Now, let's do some nail art, shall we? <3

Pink Gellac Hearts nail art

Pink Gellac Hearts nail art

Step 1: Start out with a white base. Place, using a toothpick and Pink Gellac Flamingo Pink, 2 dots next to each other on your nail.

Step 2: Connect these 2 dots so they form a heart shape.

Step 3: Fill in this heart shape. Let it cure for 60 seconds in your LED lamp (UV: 120 seconds).

Step 4: Add more hearts! I used all different colours.

Step 5: Finish off with top coat.

You can recreate the ring finger by starting out with a white base and dotting different colours in a heart shape.

Pink Gellac Hearts nail art

So cute, right? And it is a pretty quick nail art, too. I think it is because the only thing you have to do is dot dot dot. :-D

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